The most comprehensive operations and accounting software for oilfield services companies.


Fieldbook ERP provides consistency and professionalism to your sales and bidding operations, in addition to streamlining your accounting and financial reporting operations.

Default Sales Image Electronic Bid Management Conflict Resolution Accountablity
  • Electronic Bid Management

    The Fieldbook ERP system uses goods, services, and rental items together with specific customers or their leases to create a unified bid process.

  • Conflict Resolution

    You determine prices for your services and set them in the system to ensure bids are priced and formatted consistently. Once prices are set, only users that are given permission can adjust pricing fields.

  • Accountability

    Fieldbook ERP creates an electronic paper trail that keeps track of a job from start to finish.

Operations & Workflow

Fieldbook ERP provides consistency and professionalism to your sales and bidding operations, in addition to streamlining your accounting and financial reporting operations.

  • Simplified Data Entry

    Visually track real-time availability of personnel and equipment, as well as open and scheduled jobs.

  • Enhanced Efficiency

    Tested on users in the oilfield services industry and designed with their feedback for maximum usability and efficiency.

  • Increased Utilization

    Seamless accounting integration of all tickets, work orders, invoices and approvals for each customer.


Fieldbook allows you to do business like a small company, but have the accounting and tracking capabilities like a big company.

  • Simplified & Easy to Use

    Fieldbook ERP is quick and easy to use. Our simplified data entry populates customer information after one entry and speeds up the process by automating repdative tasks.

  • Flexibility & Customization

    Keep doing business the way you want, and Fieldbook can seamlessly adjust to fit your needs.

  • Transparency

    Our accounting system keeps users accountable for their actions as well as providing valuable insight into your business.


Fieldbook ERP provides your business with flexibility to work anywhere there is an internet connection.

Unique Logins

Every user is given a unique login that is tied to a specific customer.

No co-mingling of data

Customers each have their own database so there is no co-mingling of data.

Encrypted data

Fieldbook ERP uses a secure connection that encrypts data for increased security.

Secure Hosting

Your data is hosted on multiple secure servers, so if one is damaged, no data will be lost.

Regular back-ups.

We conduct regular back-ups of your data throughout the day.

Latest security technology.

Fieldbook ERP partners with industry-leaders in hosting and security to ensure everything from Web hosting to syncing to storage is fast & protected.

Fieldbook ERP is Scaleable Fieldbook Erp's Mobile App Fimiliar Interface Text
  • Scalable

    Fieldbook ERP is flexible & grows with your business. As your database gets bigger, so does your storage space. There is no limit to data storage.

  • Mobility

    Fieldbook ERP's mobile tablet application uses built-in security to protect your information in the event a tablet is lost or stolen.

  • Familiar Interface

    Fieldbook ERP is easy to use because it works like a website. The interface is familiar and intuitive.


Our support team is responsive & passionate about helping your business succeed.

  • Step-By-Step Documentation

    Our in-app help walks you through every part of the system step-by-step with screenshots.

  • Professional Support

    Feel secure knowing you'll talk to a real person every time you call. We answer every phone call and email request.

  • Professional Training

    Our staff provides professional training on-site, over the phone, or through video conferencing.

*Please note: Fieldbook ERP uses TeamViewer. You can download it here.


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